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For the next year, Bellamy plundered the riches of over 50 ships. In February 1717, he spotted the most beautiful ship he had ever seen "The Whydah Gally" and chased it 3 days until the ship surrendered. 

It was carrying a cargo of ivory, indigo and thousands of silver and gold coins. He released "The Sultana" to Captain Lawrence Prince and Crew in return. Bellamy finally decided he had enough wealth and headed north to return to his Maria with his heavily laden Fleet.

On April 26, 1717 near Marcon  Beach on  Cape Cod, Bellamy ran into a bad storm and the beautiful ship was torn apart. There were only 2 survivors. While on trial, the pirates swore that Bellamy's new flagship was laden with 3 million dollars worth of booty (equaling 120 million now), making him the most successful pirate of all time.


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