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© 2015 by Ye Loyal Krewe of Samuel Bellamy, a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Organization. All rights reserved.

Costumes are mandatory. They are custom-made by our costumer, durable and in the krewe colors of gold and black.

Men: Old Gold Pirate Shirt with elasticized cuffs, collar and yoke front.  Black Pirate Pants with Pockets with matching vest with gold trim. The vest reverses to green for Holiday Events and the St. Patrick's Parade.

Women: Choice of two costumes.

1. The  Ladies Courtgown with a shimmering, gold underdress with long, full sleeves with the overdress in black with gold trim and lacing in a princess cut. It reverses to green for Holiday Events and the  St. Patrick's Parade.

2. The Ladies Pants and Corset Vest. Black Trousers of your choice, and a shimmering gold peasant shirt with full sleeves. The corset-vest is an old gold and black print with black shoulder accents and lacing up the front. 

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