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© 2018 by Ye Loyal Krewe of Samuel Bellamy, a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Organization. All rights reserved.

      Loyal Krewe of Samuel Bellamy is known for it's High End Custom "Krewe Beads", the bling we wear to represent for our krewe and to trade with other krewes. Every krewe has it's own unique custom beads and YLKSB is quite proud of the fact that our custom krewe jewelry commands excellent trades. 

In addition, actual jewelry has been found on Bellamy's salvaged ship "The Whydah"
(www.whydah.comas well as thousands of gold doubloons and other treasure and items of historical interest. The Whydah is the first, authenticated pirate ship salvaged in the U.S.A. and is currently on display with National Geographic in a travelling exhibition. 

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